In an effort to ensure that Imagine Cinemas is doing everything we can to ensure that our premises welcome and appreciate people with disabilities and ensure that they have a positive experience every time they visit us, we have implemented the following accessibility policy with regards to people with disabilities.


Communication to People with Disabilities:
All Imagine Cinemas employees are to communicate with our guests in a way that takes their disability into account.

Assistive Devices

Guests of Imagine Cinemas may use their own personal assistive devices to access Imagine Cinemas’ goods and services. We currently offer assistive listening devices in our Lakeshore location in Tecumseh, Ontario.

  • Assistive devices are technical aids, communication or medical aids that are used to increase, maintain, or improve the functional abilities of people with disabilities in seeing, hearing, speaking, mobility, walking, breathing, performing manual tasks, learning or self-care.

Support Persons

Imagine Cinemas welcomes our guests with disabilities and their support person. Please be aware that all guests including support persons are required to have a valid admission ticket upon entering the theatre. Imagine Cinemas recognizes the Access 2 Entertainment card which any person with a disability who requires a support person when attending a movie is eligible for. For information about how to secure a card, guests are encouraged to go to the Access 2 Entertainment website located at the Access 2 Program website.

  • Support person is a person who accompanies another person with a disability in order to help with communication, mobility, personal care, medical needs or access to goods or services.

Service Animals

Service animals are always welcome when accompanying a guest with a disability. Service animals are permitted in any of the public parts of the theatre (lobby, washrooms, theatres). They are not allowed where regular guests are not permitted. If there is a requirement to meet in an area where service animals (or animals in general) are not permitted, an alternate meeting location may be required. If it is not apparent that the animal is a Service Animal, Imagine Cinemas reserves the right to ask for a letter from a physician or nurse confirming that the guest requires animal for reasons relating to his/her disability.


Imagine Cinemas will provide training to employees, contractors, volunteers and anyone that may interact with our guests on our behalf on:

  • The purpose and requirements of this policy including any changes
  • How to interact with customers with various kinds of disabilities as well as their service animals, guide dogs and support workers

Feedback Process

Customers may provide comments regarding Imagine Cinemas’ implementation of this policy by email:

If the above methods of communication are not acceptable, guests may request another method. We will respond to all inquiries with respect and as soon as possible.

Notice of Temporary Disruption

If there is a situation that warrants a temporary disruption to our facilities or services, Imagine Cinemas will endeavour to give notice as soon as reasonably possible to the public. The notice will be placed in an obvious location within the theatre or on our website.


The policy described above may be changed from time to time. Any questions regarding this policy should be directed to or click here.