Are there any concession discounts for rentals?

Rentals with per person rates have discounted concession combos included in the price (please see price structure for more information). For all other rentals, especially during regularly operating hours, there are no discounted concession items or combos.

Should you wish to pre-purchase combos for your entire expected rental party, management can provide you with a list of discounted combo options. No refunds can be provided once the combos have been paid for. Additional charges will apply should the number of your guests exceed what was originally purchased.

No discounts for any alcoholic beverage whatsoever (only select locations carry alcohol).

With pre-purchased combos, vouchers will be printed by management for the same number of combos purchased, and in which your guests can redeem for their items at concession.

How early should my guests arrive for my rental?

We typically recommend that private rentals during regularly operating hours should arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled start of your rental. Should you have additional items to set-up, it is recommended that you arrive at least 45 minutes before your rental. Rentals during non-operating hours must agree on an arrival time with management when finalizing details on the rental agreement.

Is outside food or drink permitted?

We have a strict no outside food or drink policy at all Imagine Cinemas locations. For specific special events outside of operating hours, please contact the theater manager directly for more information.

What should I do to make my event successful?

We always want private rentals & screenings to be successful. That being said, management and Imagine Cinemas is not responsible for the promotion of your event. Marketing materials can be a great way to advertise your screening to patrons of Imagine Cinemas, who may choose to attend your event. A website or social media presence is a great way to garner interest in the surrounding community. Social media posts directly relating to your screening can be shared with the official Imagine Cinemas page for additional traffic. Consider bringing in actors, writers, directors, etc. from the film as an added layer of interest for the public. Everyone loves a red carpet event, and making your screening as grandiose as you can will only help you in the long run. The best piece of advice is to simply pound the pavement: go door to door, alert local establishments, and generate buzz for your event.

When is my rental’s final payment due?

Your remaining balance is due no later than 48 hours before the start time of your rental. Failure to pay the remaining balance may result in a null and void contract, which ultimately would result in a non exhibition of your film.

When do I need to place a down payment?

A down payment of your total rental cost is due the day that all rental details are finalized and the rental agreement is signed. Down payment rates vary depending on location. Your deposit is non-refundable; no exceptions. Failure to provide a down payment the day of your signed agreement, results in a null and void contract. No further communication with management will be granted until the payment is made.

Can I use lobby space for a premiere or gala event?

Lobby space or a gala room (select theaters) can be opened up should you require the space for an additional $150.00 per hour. Gala rooms (select theaters) can be blocked off to restrict usage to just you and your guests. Should you wish the room to be restricted to your own guest list, management is not responsible for monitoring the area. You must provide your own volunteer or employee to monitor the area.

Can I have a Q&A (Question and Answer)? Are microphones provided?

A Q&A panel can be set-up provided that management determines there is enough time for a Q&A before the next scheduled film. Q&A requests must be submitted with the rental application. Should additional planned time for a Q&A be needed, please include the time in addition to the runtime of your film in the rental application.

Additional surcharges may apply depending on the overall runtime of your event. An additional $150.00 fee will apply if the Q&A runs more than 10 minutes past the scheduled end-time. Management may be forced to eject patronage from your theater, should the Q&A run overtime as another scheduled film or rental may be waiting to use your space.

Microphone use is included at no additional charge for private screenings or rentals.

How many days in advance does my film need to be on site?

Should you be in charge of bringing your own film (typically for festivals and 4-wall screenings; most per person films are secured by Imagine Cinemas), film drives must be on site at your selected Imagine Cinemas theatre no later than 48 hours before the time of your screening. KDM license keys (if needed), must be active 48 hours before your screening and must stay active throughout the entire course of your screening date(s) and time(s). All KDMS must be issued in EST (Eastern Standard Time).

Can I use the outdoor marquee?

Yes provided that your selected theater has an outdoor marquee. Should you wish for your film’s title and times to be placed on the marquee, you will be charged an additional $25.00. Charge and agreement for marquee use is dependent on availability of space on the marquee.

Can I put an ad on your preshow presentation to advertise my screening?

Preshow presentation ad space is dependent on availability and subject to Imagine Cinemas’ preshow advertising rates. Advertisement contracts and inquiries can be made to

Can I bring in marketing materials?

Marketing materials such as posters, banners, one-sheets, standees, or other marketing materials can be brought in after expressed approval by Imagine Cinemas management. Management reserves the right to refuse marketing material should they deem the material offensive or in poor taste. Management reserves the exclusive right to place marketing materials where they choose. Management and Imagine Cinemas is not responsible for any theft or damage to marketing materials. Marketing materials must be provided 2 weeks prior to the date of the screening. All marketing materials must be removed within 24 hours of the time of the screening. Management is not responsible with the removal, shipment, or storage of marketing materials. Management and Imagine Cinemas reserves the right to charge additional fees to the renting party, should un-agreed upon marketing materials be placed in, on or around theater grounds, or if said marketing materials damage Imagine Cinemas property.

Can I sell tickets through the theater’s POS (point of sale system)?

Should your rental be a 4-wall or festival, tickets can be sold directly through Imagine Cinemas POS. This entitles you to our OmniWeb ticketing software that allows your guests to purchase tickets online. If tickets are to be sold through Imagine Cinemas’ POS; all code of conduct, ticket policies (including refunds), and right to refuse entry must be adhered to and in standards with Imagine Cinemas’ policies. See booking information sheet for rates.

Single private screenings or rentals will not be permitted to sell their tickets through Imagine Cinemas’ POS.

What time(s) can I rent?

Rental times vary depending on the day of the rental, length of the film, and other content currently playing at your desired Imagine Cinemas location. Off-hour rentals (in the AM) can typically be scheduled at any start time, provided that they do not interfere with regularly scheduled programming. Typically film start times are: 12:15 – 2:00pm; 3:30 – 4:30pm; 6:30 – 7:15pm; 9:00 – 10:00pm. Imagine Cinemas management reserves the exclusive right to determine what time your rental will start at in your selected performance (1st matinee, 2nd matinee, 1st evening, 2nd evening).

Please note that certain dates and times come with premium surcharges. Typically rentals are more expensive on Friday and Saturday nights, and are not booked at any time on Tuesdays. (this does not apply to off-hours, 4-wall or Festival contracts).

How far in advance do I need to book my rental?

For one-off private rentals or screenings, a minimum of three weeks’ notice must be given. This means a completed rental application must be filled out, submitted to the applicable Imagine Cinemas theater, and a reply given by management of said theater..

For 4-wall or festival screenings, a minimum of 60 days notice must be given.

Can I watch a film that I did not create?

Yes; however there are a lot of factors to determine whether it is possible. First, fill out the rental application and submit to the applicable Imagine Cinemas theater and be sure to include the film that you’re inquiring about. We must check with a distribution booking agent to see if that film is available for private rentals and how much it costs to rent that film. Depending on how many people are coming to your event and how much the film rent is; you may incur additional costs above and beyond of your per person package deal. Please note that any previously run Disney (BVD) films cannot be booked for private rentals or screenings.

What format does my film need to be in?

Filmmakers must ensure that their film is properly converted into a 24fps DCP (digital cinema package) and placed on a hard drive. CRU drives are preferable, however a standard SSD drive with USB connection is acceptable. Films should also not be restricted with a KDM; but if encryption is mandatory, a KDM must be presented no later than 48 hours before your screening and be valid throughout the entire run of your film. KDMs must be issued for each auditorium on location; i.e 10 licenses for 10 screens. This is to ensure that content can be moved around should there be an unforeseen interruption that would require the film be played in a different auditorium than originally agreed-upon. All KDMs must be issued in EST (Eastern Standard Time).

Should your film not be DCP ready, Imagine Cinemas can provide the conversion service to you for $250.00. Conversions must take place at least 14 days before the date of your rental.