Imagine Cinemas – Who are we?

Imagine Cinemas is a small, but rapidly expanding, independently owned and operated movie exhibitor. We opened in Tecumseh, Ontario with the building of our flagship movie theatre “Lakeshore Cinemas” in May 2005. Local entrepreneurs recognized the need for a local cinema in Windsor/Tecumseh as the population started to expand with many new neighbourhoods, commercial properties, restaurants and retail developments. During the building of Lakeshore Cinemas in Tecumseh, On, a downtown theatre in Windsor known as “The Palace Cinemas” was acquired in 2004. The Palace was subsequently closed in 2012 as the landlord decided to repurpose.

Lakeshore (Tecumseh, ON)

Lakeshore Cinemas is a movie theatre that occupies approximately 35,000 sq. feet in the heart of Tecumseh, ON. Located on the corner of the E.C. Row Expressway and Commercial Blvd., one block east of Manning Rd., this theatre boasts 10 screens ranging in size from 108 seats to 229 seats. Imagine Cinemas Lakeshore has 2 birthday party rooms, a game room and a large lobby area. Lakeshore Cinemas is the only remaining independently owned and operated movie theatre in the Windsor, ON area.

Lakeshore Cinemas was the first movie theatre in the Windsor area to purchase Christie Digital projection technology in March 2009. The second Christie Digital projector was purchased March 2010. State of the art 3D systems were also purchased in March. As a result, Lakeshore Cinemas was the first movie theatre in the Windsor area to show 3D movie presentations.

In early 2011, Lakeshore Cinemas upgraded half of its theatres to Mobiliario rocker chairs with extra foam padding. Many of our patrons will tell you that they won’t see a movie anywhere else!

In February 2013, Lakeshore Cinemas upgraded its remaining theatres to Christie Digital projectors. The sound in all the theatres at Lakeshore Cinemas were upgraded by adding additional speakers to ensure a great experience, no matter what theatre you’re sitting in!

Cinema 6 (Timmins, ON)

Cinema 6 in Timmins, ON is a 6 screen theatre with 2 large theatres (192 seats each) and 4 smaller theatres (120 seats each).

The state of the movie theatre in Timmins, ON was terrible upon acquisition. A plan was formulated to renovate Cinema 6, so patrons would return to Timmins’ only movie theatre. In June 2011, the renovations began and included a complete lobby overhaul which meant new concession areas, millwork, concession machines, lighting, plumbing, paint, carpet and tile. All theatres were painted, the old chairs were stripped out and replaced with high backed seats with cup holders. As an added bonus, the roof needed to be replaced as leaks in every theatre became evident with the spring thaw. The end result was a bright, welcoming theatre that once again welcomed Timmins’ movie lovers.

As movie experiences continued to change within the movie exhibition industry, the need to convert to digital projectors from 35mm film projectors was becoming increasingly important. Despite the initial costs of the upgrade to digital projection, movie theatre owners looked forward to the quality of picture that comes with digital projection. Timmins Cinema 6 was converted to digital projection in June 2013. Along with that conversion, additional upgrades to sound (complete surround sound in all theatres), screens and a 3D movie system (MasterImage) were made. The result has been amazing in terms of movie quality! The picture and sound quality in these theatres is exceptional. All of these upgrades have taken place to date with no increase in ticket prices for Cinema 6 in Timmins.

Southpoint (Leamington, ON)

Southpoint Cinemas was resurrected as Leamington’s only movie theatre after it closed in early 2013. It was renovated (including newer seats in 2 of the theatres) and upgraded with new sound, screens and state of the art digital projection. All new concession millwork and equipment were purchased. Also, the common areas were freshened up with new paint prior to its May 2013 opening. With only 3 screens, it is often a challenge to bring in all of the latest movies. Leamington has supported the re-opening of its only theatre and has been very positive about the improvements.

Frederick (Kitchener, ON)

The former “Frederick Twin” movie theatre located at 385 Frederick St. in the lower level of the Frederick Mall was acquired by Imagine Cinemas in early April 2014. It was closed for only 11 days to fully renovate the theatre and common areas. Renovations included digital projection and upgraded sound, paint, carpet, digital signage and posters as well as updated chairs (which were purchased from the famous Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood). The theatre has the best movie deal in the Kitchener/Waterloo area.

Village 8 Cinemas (Whistler, BC)

In late October 2015, Imagine Cinemas purchased its first West Coast theatre in Canada’s most popular ski resort, Whistler, BC. The theatre was purchased from an American theatre operator, Metropolitan Theatres, as this was their only Canadian operation at the time and they were looking to focus on their U.S. locations. Village 8 Cinemas in Whistler, BC has 8 screens and is equipped with the latest in digital sound and projection as well as one 3D screen. It’s located in the heart of the bustling ski town and is well attended by more than 2M visitors to Whistler every year. This theatre shows first run movies and has already undergone some renovations that included concession upgrades and new carpeting.

Downtown Movie Lounge (Sudbury, ON)

In May, 2016, Imagine Cinemas re-opened a movie theatre in Sudbury, Ontario under the current name Downtown Movie Lounge. This theatre is located in the downtown core at the Rainbow Centre Mall. It was previously operated by Rainbow Cinemas as a discount, second run theatre. Imagine Cinemas completely renovated this location to include all new luxury zero gravity seating, brand new large screens, state of the art digital projection and sound. Downtown Movie Lounge in Sudbury, ON is the first theatre in North America to have the fully immersive Dolby Atmos sound experience in every theatre in the complex. This is the best movie experience in Northern Ontario.

On May 27, 2016, Imagine Cinemas purchased seven theatre locations in Ontario operated by Magic Lantern/Rainbow Cinemas. The seven new cinemas added to the Imagine Cinemas chain were:

Imagine Cinemas London (London, ON)

Imagine Cinemas London is located at the core of downtown London, ON in Citi Plaza. The theatre is family focused and specializes in affordable movie entertainment. Its seven auditoriums are equipped with the latest sound and projection technology. Also, the cinema has a new party room and interactive video games. Mall parking is free for Imagine Cinemas London customers. Customers can validate their parking tickets at a kiosk located in the cinema lobby.

Imagine Cinemas Ottawa (Ottawa, ON)

Imagine Cinemas Ottawa in St. Laurent Shopping Centre provides encore movie entertainment to customers visiting one of the busiest malls in Ottawa. This theatre offers a daily, discounted Early Bird Special. Imagine Cinemas Ottawa has five auditoriums, a party room and interactive video games.

Imagine Cinemas Woodbine (Toronto, ON)

Woodbine Centre Cinema caters to the communities in the Etobicoke section of the GTA. It’s located in the lower section of the Woodbine Shopping Centre. Imagine Cinemas Woodbine has seven auditoriums and a unique “screening room” for private functions and birthday parties. Woodbine also has an additional party room to accommodate two parties simultaneously.

Imagine Cinemas Promenade (Thornhill, ON)

Promenade Cinema is a 6-plex located in Promenade Mall. Mall management recently spent $25 million in redeveloping and upgrading the shopping plaza. And, Imagine Cinemas has accelerated its plans to refurbish Promenade Cinema. Luxury reclining seats will be installed, among other improvements, to enhance customers’ movie-going experience.

Imagine Cinemas Elgin Mills (Richmond Hill, ON)

Elgin Mills Cinema, the 10-screen complex, is located in Richmond Hill. It has a large two-storey lobby and two party rooms. Imagine Cinemas Elgin Mills serves not only the neighbourhood; but also, it draws an audience from a 10km radius due to its attractive admission prices and welcoming hospitality.

Imagine Cinemas Market Square (Toronto, ON)

Market Square is a local gem tucked away in the heart of Toronto’s financial and tourism district. Market Square offers the best, and newest first run content on 6 screens, 7 days a week at unbeatable prices. Market Square has operated under a few different theatre companies and has been an eclectic staple of the local cinema scene in Toronto for the past 30 years. This central, downtown cinema has a variety theatre sizes ranging from 60 to 176 seats, a 2 level lobby, and one party room to accommodate your special event or birthday party. Market Square is a fully accessible theatre with ramp access to all theatre rooms, automatic doors at our exits, and entrances, fully accessible bathrooms, and an elevator to get to the lower cinema level.

Imagine Cinemas Carlton (Toronto, ON)

Carlton Cinema has a rich heritage and is often referred to as “The Carlton”. The cinema is the 3rd incarnation of the original single-screen Carlton which first opened in 1948. Carlton Cinema is a 9-screen complex and a favourite movie destination of Toronto cinephiles who enjoy movies ranging from first-run Hollywood, Canadian, international and film festivals. Private and gala receptions are held on the premises as 2 large party rooms are available. Imagine Cinemas Carlton is licensed to sell alcoholic drinks that customers can take into the auditoriums.

Our seven recent acquisitions have a common history. They were operated by a large movie exhibition company that decided to abandon these cinemas in favour of the big-box complexes. Rainbow Cinemas assumed ownership of the closed sites, re-opened and re-positioned them to successfully integrate with the neighbourhood communities.

On May 27, 2016, Imagine Cinemas recognized the greater potential of the 7 cinema locations. The company decided to purchase the locations and invest more capital for upgrades to existing amenities.

The expansion of Imagine Cinemas more than doubled its size, bringing the total number of movie screens it operates to 77 in Ontario and 8 in BC. Imagine Cinemas is now the 3rd largest movie chain in Canada.

Watch for more exciting developments at Imagine Cinemas!